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We support your SMART home. Leave the creativity to us. Security, Survellience, Music, Televison, lighting and more.

Ring, Nest, Sonos, Apple TV, Homepod, Phillips Hue lights and everything else SMART. We test them in our homes before we come to yours. There are hundreds of products for your home and we find the best options. We test them for quality and ensure they are reliable.

Office/ Small Business


Ask us about our SMART clients that use Apple. Don’t allow the PC woes to hinder you from making money and taking care of your customers. Apple is the best option to run your business. We can show you how to be more efficient and organized. Let us update your office or small business.

Automobile/ Lifestyle


Do you have Apple CarPlay? Do you want the best sound and updated Music options? Apple music, AirPlay, Bluetooth connections, charging ports. We can show you how.

Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and more. We can help you monitor your health and create a plan for your lifestyle. 



Apple certified technicians to ensure you’re back up and running as soon as possible. We will offer you options so you make the best decision for your life. 



Having issues with software? We can fix that too. 

Set up /Training


Did you recently buy a new iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac Computer, HomePod or any acccesory? We are here to offer you an amazing introduction to your new  technology.

Training for everything Apple. You will learn from us and get most out of your purchase. We are patient and showcase compassion to meet your needs. Technically, we are the SMART people.


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